The HydroElite Experience


Flexible lifts

Create attractive and durable lifts with a tailor-made solution through Hydroware. With a hydraulic lift, we can adapt and tailor the lift to suit your wishes. The hydraulic lift is a space-efficient solution that takes up less of the property’s area and there are all possibilities for an aesthetically pleasing design. Create the lift solution you want.

Tailor-made lift

Passenger lifts are lifts that are intended for passenger transport. These lifts are common in, among other things, apartment buildings, tenant-owner associations, offices and public environments. We offer flexible solutions where we tailor the lift to your wishes. Hydroware’s solutions are space-efficient and take up less of the property’s space. In this way, our solutions maximise the space in the property that can be used for other purposes. Shape, colour, material and shaft dimensions can be adapted completely as needed. We have solutions for narrow shafts that fit in tight spaces, minimal lift pit, low top height and for machine roomless lifts, which means that the lift can get the expression that is sought.

The hydraulic lift is the architect’s friend

A hydraulic lift from Hydroware is an energy-efficient lift with a low environmental impact. The climate impact of a modernised lift is significantly lower than the alternatives. Keep energy consumption down when operating the lift and reduce the total cost. A lift from Hydroware can be modernised again and again. In this way, costs are kept down for the entire lifespan of the lift. Read more about the life cycle cost of lifts here.

Neither load weight nor lifting height limits the design. In buildings with up to 6-7 floors, a hydraulic lift is preferable. The lift can handle a load weight of up to 3.5 tonnes and the load from the lift ends up on the ground slab instead of in the building’s vertical construction.

Elevator installed in Le Pain Francais in Gothenburg..

Layout drawings

If you need layout drawings and dimensions they are available for download here. The files are available in dwg and pdf.
If you want to know more about how a lift from Hydroware can be adapted to your project, we are always ready to provide advice. We are happy to receive your call.

Success story – Flexible elevators

Skansen Kronan

Skansen Kronan is a building with high cultural values and one of Gothenburg’s foremost landmarks. Now more people can access the fortress through a specially adapted lift solution from Hydroware.

The product from Hydroware was chosen by our procured contractor Tvåtumfyra to meet the very special requirements of the project, mainly that we could not solve space neither at the bottom nor at the top in the normal way. The result has been very good and we are happy that a high finish was offered so that we create a dignified and accessible new entrance to the building. Hydroware and Vinga were solution-oriented and the few deviations that appeared were handled with good special solutions in collaboration with the builder.

Dan Andersson, technical technical manager at the National Property Board (Sweden)

The project was carried out together with Vinga Elevator from Gothenburg.


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