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HydroElite VIDI

The top model from Hydroware

HydroElite VIDI, which is the top model from Hydroware, is an integrated drive and control system for hydraulic elevators. It is equipped with Hydroware’s unique valve system which makes it possible for the elevator to go with direct to floor travel, completely without creeping. The valve also does not need to bypass the oil at full speed upwards. HydroElite VIDI is equipped with an efficient air-cooled IE2 motor and frequency control. The rated speed is gradually reduced when the load exceeds 25 percent of the rated load, which greatly reduces the power requirement.

HydroElite VIDI is available in both H2 and V5 models. H2 is the latest and most innovative lift control system, and it is designed for both the HydroElite H2 and TractionElite H2. With H2, you get one supplier for all your projects, simple installation and a future proof product thanks to our IoT capabilities.

HydroElite H2 VIDI Höger front

Benefits with H2

When opting for the H2 you get one supplier and one lift controller for all your projects.

H2 is ONE FOR ALL since it is designed for both our TractionElite H2 and our HydroElite H2.

One shaft installation
One user interface
One experience
One partner


H2 – at a Glance

Simple installation

  • CANopen Lift technology
  • No floor zone sensors needed
  • No limit switches needed
  • Automated test procedures
  • Innovative pit box
  • Simple commissioning
  • SIL3 certified Position Supervisor Unit

10 ” touch display

  • Easy to navigate
  • Language options
  • Instruction movies in display
  • Training sessions simplified
  • Integrated diagnostic tool
  • Real time and historical data
  • Safety circuit overview
  • Full accountability

Stay connected – HydroCloud

  • HydroCloud connection
  • Always updated documentation
  • Remote software updates
  • Remote monitoring
  • Access from anywhere
  • Live internal drawings
  • Better planning of maintenance
  • Constantly evolving IoT
  • Local Wi-Fi enables access from smart devices

Benefits with every HydroElite VIDI (H2 and V5)

Significantly reduced power demand and low energy consumption

HydroElite VIDI is equipped with a current-limiting drive and an air-cooled IE2 motor. Thanks to accepting that the speed is regulated down slightly from a load of 25%, you can reduce the power requirement up to 70%. According to VDI4707, only 20% of all trips are with more than 25% load. The air-cooled motor and the unique valve’s properties also reduce energy consumption by up to 70% compared to other conventional systems.

Quick installation

HydroElite VIDI is pre-assembled and function tested in our factory, which shortens the installation time. Commissioning is easily done with the help of a learning journey for the hydraulics and one for the floor plan setting. No manual adjustments are required and the valve accuracy increases for each trip.

Increased capacity and comfort

Direct approach to the floor and the fact that no bypass of the oil is needed gives shorter travel time and increased travel capacity. In addition, the reaction time from a command to start is very short due to the fact that the entire system is perfectly tuned, which also helps to increase the lift’s capacity and comfort.

No overheated oil

Thanks to the valve’s unique properties, more trips can be made without the oil getting too hot. The air-cooled motor helps keep the oil cool. With a HydroElite VIDI, you normally do not have to worry about overheated oil and there is normally no need for an energy-intensive oil cooler.

Safer with a supplier

The fact that the drive and control system come from the same supplier provides increased security and easier handling in terms of support, service and guarantees throughout the lifespan of the lift.


Here is more information about our products and services.

Technical overview of HydroElite VIDI (H2 and V5)

Unique Technology

  • EN81-20 / 50 certified: common type certificate for A3 / UCM
  • Frequency control
  • Air-cooled IE2 motor
  • Unique servo valve
  • Direct approach to floor
  • No by-pass of the oil at full speed upwards
  • Self-learning completely without manual settings
  • Precise floor adjustment through a self-adjusting positioning system

Energy and capacity

  • Up to 70% energy savings
  • 10-50% shorter travel time by eliminating creeping and oil bypass
  • 50-70% reduced power consumption
  • Faster start and temperature and load independence
  • Higher traffic capacity without the need for oil cooling

Open and modular

  • Flexible and modular to suit all types of installations
  • Direct control, pickup, down or full collective and selectors for several lifts in groups.
  • Built-in diagnostic system for efficient maintenance and easy troubleshooting
  • Remote fault reporting and service diagnostics – option

Different models of TractionElite and HydroElite drive and control systems

TractionElite is available in MR and MRL configurations.
HydroElite is available as H2 and V5 – VENI, VIDI, MINI and MRL.

TractionElite H2


Hydroware’s solution for traction lift modernisation, with or without machine room. 

Every benefit that you are used to with Hydroware as a partner, now also for traction lifts.


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HydroElite VENI

Low energy consumption

HydroElite VENI takes full advantage of the unique valve.

The system provides an energy consumption that is up to 50% lower than traditional electronic valves.


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VIDI thumbnail
HydroElite VIDI

Low power output

Significantly reduced power demand and low energy consumption.

HydroElite VIDI is equipped with a current-limiting drive and an air-cooled IE2 motor.



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HydroElite MINI
HydroElite MINI

For small spaces

HydroElite MINI is used where there is not enough space.

Good when there is too little space on the way to or inside the machine room, to be able to use a normal tank size.



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HydroElite MRL
HydroElite MRL

Machine roomless

HydroElite MRL is the machine roomless alternative that is increasingly in demand.

Due to several different aspects, it is better to place control and drive systems outside the shaft.


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Hydraulic cylinder

Cylinders for hydraulic lifts

Hydraulic cylinder from COAM.

We supply all parts for lift installations including hydraulic cylinders. We work with COAM as a supplier.




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Other lift components

Everything from one supplier

One Stop Shop.

One Stop Shop for all the parts needed for a lift installation. For you, only contact with one supplier is needed.


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