The HydroElite Experience

The HydroElite Experience

The HydroElite Experience is a concept that we at Hydroware have always worked from. We see ourselves not only as a product supplier, but also a partner who is with you throughout the lifespan of the lift. With The HydroElite Experience, we offer multilingual support throughout the process and we have competent staff available at all levels for you as a customer.

If you ask us at Hydroware, you not only buy a product – you also buy a long-term sustainable lift solution that improves the quality of life and makes everyday life a little easier.

Customer needs

Sometimes it can be difficult to know how to proceed and what is the best solution. Older lifts that need to be upgraded do not have to mean high investment costs, long downtime and in the long run expensive service agreements. Whether it is modernisation or new lifts, we are here to help you find the best solution.


We have developed data and help tools that make it easier for you as a customer to make measurements in a simple and efficient way. As a partner, we are with you and answer any questions that arise along the way. Our goal is that together we get the right conditions for a well-executed project.


With the help of our tools and templates, you can yourself, or together with us, easily communicate the lift’s specific data needed to obtain a quote for the project. Thanks to our long experience in hydraulic lifts and our efficient processes, we can prepare a complete quote within 24 hours.


Thanks to the fact that we have developed a complete product for modernisation with drive and control systems, we can provide short lead times. Normally we produce a HydroElite within 4 weeks, but we can also deliver by express within 1-2 weeks. For us, it is important to be able to be flexible, and we can therefore handle minor changes to the order without it having to affect delivery times.


Another advantage of our combined HydroElite drive and control system is that it significantly reduces installation times. All our products are pre-wired and factory tested before delivery.
This in combination with the efficient commissioning and our indicative support means the shortest installation and downtime available in the industry.

Generous support package

In our generous support package, we offer multilingual technical support for both drive and control systems with the option of on-site support assistance when needed. If spare parts are needed, they will be with you within 24 hours. In order for you to get to know our products better, we can also offer training in preparation, installation, troubleshooting and service.

For us, nothing is impossible, and we stand for it. We have a long experience of solving projects that others normally say no to. We never give up until you are completely satisfied.

Success story

Hydroware’s system is well thought out

“For me as a lift fitter, it is easy to work with Hydroware’s system. Everything comes packed and ready for assembly. Just tear out the old parts to be replaced and install the new ones. There will be short assembly times.”

“Hydroware’s system is well thought out and easy to install and start up. Competing systems require a great deal of experience to get started. ”

“Another important thing for us fitters is the support. We can only say that it is very good and with no competition. We needed to replace a part during an assembly in Kristianstad and then someone took the car directly from Hydroware and drove the part down to us. In just over an hour, the problem was solved. “

“There is a reason why Hydroware has grown and that is that they have the best hydraulic system on the market.”

Bosse Wallman and Ingolf Svensson, elevator fitters, give their views on the installation of the drive and control system from Hydroware.