The HydroElite Experience


Here are your tools for self-help, troubleshooting, documentation, calculation and IoT. Click on the tool you want to use or download. Contact us for questions.

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HydroApp is our tool for self-help. HydroApp is, among other things, a troubleshooting tool that gives you suggestions for actions depending on which error code you are looking for. You will also find wiring diagrams and technical manuals for lifts in the app.

For instructions on installing on a smartphone, click here.

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Technical documentation

WebRel contains documents for your facilities: wiring diagrams, tables, drawings, certificates and technical documentation. To have access to WebRel, you need a login.  

You will receive this from us for your facilities. Contact us if you have questions about access.

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With HydroCloud, you get a clear and easy overview of all your lifts. If you click on a specific device, there is detailed and complete information. Available from anywhere, anytime.

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HydCalc is a calculation tool that you can use to easily calculate and dimension which HydroElite suits you best. Fill in the information in the calculation tool to get a suggestion.

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COS: Quotation and order form

COS: Quotation and order form you can download and open to fill in information to order or get a quote from us. Once you have filled in the COS, you can send the file to one of our contact persons. If you need help, you can contact our sales department. Blue fields must be filled in correctly to receive a quote. Other fields are filled in when the information is available or if you place an order.

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CPL: Complete lifts

CPL: Our Complete Lift Enquiry form can be downloaded and opened. Fill in all the information you can or contact us if you need any assistance. Once completed, you can send the file to one of the new lift contact persons for an offer to be made.  

Tools for HydroElite V4

HydroElite 3G-1 (V4) is the forerunner of our current HydroElite. For software that applies to HydroElite 3G-1 (V4), you can follow the links below.


Download the software to transfer updated program files. Connect with cable (serial) to HydroElite.


An analysis tool for the lift curves in the HydroElite V4. Download and connect with a cable (serial) to HydroElite.


GUI is a simulator in a PC environment for menu management. A tool for learning navigating in menus.

Hydroware Support

Contact our support team for fast, flexible and personal help with installation and operation of our products. We have applications for troubleshooting, documentation, parameter adjustments etc.

Spare parts within 24 hours.