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Passenger lift

Passenger lifts are lifts that are intended for passenger transport. These lifts are common in, among other things, apartment buildings, tenant-owner associations, offices and public environments. Hydroware offers hydraulic passenger lifts for both modernisation and new installation. A hydraulic lift is preferable in apartment buildings up to 6-7 floors and shopping centers up to 5 floors and 250,000 trips per year.

Replace passenger lift

If there is a passenger lift in a property that needs to be replaced, it should always be modernised. Modernising the lift is cheaper, faster and is the most sustainable option. Many of the lift components can be reused and can last as long as the property. Read more about modernising lifts or contact us and we will tell you more.


For information and dimensions for ELEVANS – download the brochure here.

ELEVANS – new passenger lift

Install a completely new passenger lift

If a completely new lift needs to be installed in the property, Hydroware can deliver all parts for the lift. ELEVANS is Hydroware’s program for passenger lifts. ELEVANS provides the most space-efficient lift solution that can be achieved.

The compact design also allows for smaller shaft dimensions, which opens opportunities to release valuable square metres for better utilisation. ELEVANS is available as both 1: 1 and 2: 1 and can have both single-stage or multi-stage cylinders. Maximum speed is 1m / s.

Dimensions and Shaft Drawings can be found in the product brochure.

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