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Build on one floor and install a lift

In our country, there are many apartments in apartment buildings without a lift. Build on one floor and install a lift and we will have hundreds of thousands of new apartments. That would give many winners.

Older people can stay in their apartments

The age group from 65 years and up is going to increase in the coming years. Thanks to a lift, many people in this category can stay in their apartment, saving a lot of money each year.

Young people will also be able to afford it

No new plots of land or infrastructure are required for apartments built on an existing house. This means lower housing costs compared to completely newly produced housing. A prerequisite for many young people to be able to afford their first home.

State and municipality benefit greatly from it

There is a big difference in the cost to society between home care and especially housing for the elderly. Older people who stay in their apartments are not only a good deal for society but also usually what the elderly themselves want.

No new land or infrastructure required

When building on one floor, no new plots of land need to be set aside and infrastructure such as roads, car parks, childcare, schools, health centers, pharmacies, shops, and bus lanes are usually already in place.

Our advice for getting property owners to invest

Introduce an investment grant for lifts that covers half the cost of materials and installation for this type of property. A win for all of us.

Two projects with apartment buildings without a lift where new stairwells have been built and a lift has been installed in the old stairwells

Flerbostadshus Skarpan i Linköping

Extended stairwells

Skarpan in Linköping
– Sweden

Skarpan is a residential area from the 1960s with 283 apartments in 15 three-storey buildings without a lift. The houses were modernised in 2015-2018 with new stairwells being built and elevators installed in the old stairwells. A 4th floor with apartments was also built.

The tenants were very satisfied with the increased accessibility for everyone thanks to the new lifts.

Hydroware has delivered the lifts that were installed by Nordisk Hiss.

Facade with extended stairwells and glazed balconies.

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Flerbostadshus Lilla Vallgatan i Skänninge

A fourth floor

Lilla Vallgatan, Skänninge

The housing company in Mjölby has renovated three residential properties in Skänninge on Lilla Vallgatan. Two of the houses have new glazed stairwells and balconies and a lift installed in the old stairwells. One of the homes has also been converted into safe housing. The third home has a new glazed stairwell and a glazed entrance and elevator installed in one of the stairwells.

Through the installation of a lift, you have got properties with higher accessibility, which means that the elderly can stay longer and you have got fresh properties that provide higher income.

Facade with extended stairwells and a fourth floor.

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