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Modernisation of lifts

Modernisation, or lift renovation, means that the lift is upgraded by replacing parts such as drive system, electronics, and other wear parts. The lift frame and other robust parts, which can live for several generations, can be preserved and become part of the upgraded lift. A modernised lift always meets today’s safety and legal requirements, gets superior travel comfort, becomes energy efficient and accessible.

Therefore, you should modernise

The cost of a lift installation is halved by renovating the lift instead of discarding the whole and installing a new one. It is not just the purchase and installation costs that are reduced by choosing to renovate and modernise. The time that the lift needs to stand still decreases from up to five weeks down to between one to two weeks. At the same time, the opportunity to modernise again in the future is retained.

When a lift starts to age, you should modernise it instead of replacing it. That will save money, time and lower the environmental impact.

Lower cost

A complete replacement of the lift often binds the system to a single supplier, which increases the cost of repairs and spare parts if the lift becomes broken. The lift owner also finds it difficult to expose service of a newly installed lift to competition. With lift modernisation from us, the owner is not tied to one supplier. A lift modernisation results in lower costs and there is the possibility of modernising again and again. This means that if the property stands for 100 years, the original lift can work for the same length of time.

Modernisation instead of full replacement:


  • About 50% lower total cost over the lifespan of the lift
  • Significantly lower service and repair costs
  • Open systems provide flexibility in choosing suppliers in the future


  • It is faster to modernise than to replace the entire lift
  • The downtime is reduced by several weeks
  • Shorter delivery times

Sustainable lifts

  • Half environmental impact
  • The circular option
  • Robust components with a long service life

Therefore, you should modernise with Hydroware

We deliver products to various lift modernisations in the UK. Since the start in 1998, we have had steady growth and we have developed a large network of service partners. From the beginning, we have worked with a circular mindset and are still the driving force in the industry. We always put quality and the environment first and are certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

To provide as flexible lift ownership, our solutions are based on an open and modular system that is well adapted for further modernisations. We can also offer a worry-free lift ownership in combination with various financing solutions.

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Our vision at Hydroware is inspired by circular economy. We want to be involved in building long-term sustainable lift solutions where good finances are combined with everything being reusable or recycled.

— Kjell Johansson, founder of Hydroware

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