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Moving people into a sustainable future

Hydroware is the lift company that develops, manufactures and sells drive and control systems for modernisation of lifts. We build for the future with the goal that a lift should have the same lifespan as its property.

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This is us

Hydroware is a company founded on the idea that a unique product could take the modernisation of lifts to a new level. We are convinced that a lift should have the same lifespan as the property it is in.

Thanks to our ingenuity, long time combined experience and the ability to move with the times, we have become the market leader with potential to change. This is a responsibility that we take seriously.

The lift industry must move faster into circular economy and we won’t give up, until we are there. For 25 years, Hydroware has developed, manufactured and sold high-technological drive and control systems for lifts with a dedicated focus on energy and resource efficiency. We are pushing the development for sustainable lift solutions forward.

Moving people into a sustainable future


  • TractionElite H2
    We are delighted to present the TractionElite H2 to you! Hydroware’s highly regarded solutions are now available for both hydraulic and traction lifts. We are keen to provide you with a quotation for our TractionElite H2 MR and MRL models.
  • Mark Vlaswinkel joins Hydroware B.V. as Managing Director
    Mark Vlaswinkel, a well-known name in the Dutch lift industry, has been appointed as Managing Director of Hydroware B.V.
  • Mark Golder joins Hydroware UK Ltd as Managing Director
    Mark Golder will assume the position of Managing Director for Hydroware UK Ltd in the beginning of the new yea
  • Re-Energising the industry at interlift 2023
    As the lift industry gears up for the highly anticipated interlift 2023, one company is poised to Re-Energise the field. We are set to unveil a new breakthrough, introducing regenerative energy solutions for both traction and hydraulic lift modernisations.

Our vision at Hydroware is inspired by circular economy. We want to be involved in building long-term sustainable lift solutions where good finances are combined with everything being reusable or recycled.