The HydroElite Experience

HydroElite MINI

HydroElite MINI – for small spaces

HydroElite MINI is a space-efficient variant of HydroElite VENI for when there is not enough space on the way to or inside the motor room, to be able to use a standard tank size. The tank volume is 90 litres, and the control cabinet is delivered separately. HydroElite MINI has a capacity that can normally handle a 630 kg lift up to 6 levels.

HydroElite MINI med öppnat styrskåp

Advantages of HydroElite MINI

Tailored for small spaces

HydroElite MINI is the tailor-made alternative for small motor rooms. The control cabinet is located separately to enable wall mounting.

Low energy consumption

HydroElite MINI takes full advantage of the unique valve. The system provides an energy consumption that is up to 50% lower than traditional electronic valves. HydroElite MINI is equipped with a soft starter and an oil-cooled motor.

Quick installation

HydroElite MINI is pre-assembled and function tested in our factory, which shortens the installation time. Commissioning is easily done with the help of a learning journey for the hydraulics and one for the floor plan setting. No manual adjustments are required and the valve accuracy increases for each trip.

Increased capacity and comfort

Direct approach to the floor and the fact that no bypass of the oil is needed gives shorter travel time and increased travel capacity. In addition, the reaction time from a command to start is very short due to the fact that the entire system is perfectly tuned, which also helps to increase the lift’s capacity and comfort.

No overheated oil

Thanks to the valve’s unique properties, more trips can be made without the oil getting too hot. With a HydroElite MINI, you can often eliminate the risk of overheated oil and the use of energy-intensive oil coolers.

One supplier

The fact that the drive and control system come from the same supplier provides increased security and easier handling in terms of support, service and guarantees throughout the lifespan of the lift.


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Technical overview HydroElite MINI

Unique Technology

  • EN81-20 / 50 certified: common type certificate for A3 / UCM
  • Soft starter
  • Oil-submerged motor
  • Unique servo valve
  • Direct drive to floor
  • No by-pass of the oil at full speed upwards
  • Self-learning completely without manual settings
  • Precise floor adjustment through a self-adjusting positioning system

Energy and capacity

  • Up to 50% energy savings
  • 10-50% shorter travel time by eliminating creeping and oil bypass
  • 20-40% reduced power consumption
  • Faster start and temperature and load independence
  • Higher traffic capacity without the need for oil cooling

Open and modular

  • Flexible and modular to suit all types of installations
  • Direct control, pickup, down or full collective and selectors for several lifts in groups.
  • Built-in diagnostic system for efficient maintenance and easy troubleshooting
  • Remote fault reporting and service diagnostics – option

Different models of TractionElite and HydroElite drive and control systems

TractionElite is available in MR and MRL configurations.
HydroElite is available as H2 and V5 – VENI, VIDI, MINI and MRL.

TractionElite H2


Hydroware’s solution for traction lift modernisation, with or without machine room. 

Every benefit that you are used to with Hydroware as a partner, now also for traction lifts.


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HydroElite VENI

Low energy consumption

HydroElite VENI takes full advantage of the unique valve.

The system provides an energy consumption that is up to 50% lower than traditional electronic valves.


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VIDI thumbnail
HydroElite VIDI

Low power output

Significantly reduced power demand and low energy consumption.

HydroElite VIDI is equipped with a current-limiting drive and an air-cooled IE2 motor.



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HydroElite MINI
HydroElite MINI

For small spaces

HydroElite MINI is used where there is not enough space.

Good when there is too little space on the way to or inside the machine room, to be able to use a normal tank size.



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HydroElite MRL
HydroElite MRL

Machine roomless

HydroElite MRL is the machine roomless alternative that is increasingly in demand.

Due to several different aspects, it is better to place control and drive systems outside the shaft.


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Hydraulic cylinder

Cylinders for hydraulic lifts

Hydraulic cylinder from COAM.

We supply all parts for lift installations including hydraulic cylinders. We work with COAM as a supplier.




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Other lift components

Everything from one supplier

One Stop Shop.

One Stop Shop for all the parts needed for a lift installation. For you, only contact with one supplier is needed.


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