The HydroElite Experience

Meet us at Liftex 2022

At Liftex 2022, Hydroware will be bringing the appreciated Roadshow Container containing the brand new HydroElite H2 as well as the TractionElite H2. Come visit our stand and learn how the H2 controller will revolutionise lift installation and maintenance.

At Liftex 20,22 Hydroware will be bringing the Hydroware Roadshow Container – fitted with a HydroElite H2 VENI, VIDI as well as a TractionElite H2. The Roadshow Container is perfect for training sessions, showcases and will be making its way through the UK after the fair.

Register for Liftex

We would like to see you at Liftex 2022! Follow the link below to register your participation and we will see you there.

Learn more about how the H2 will revolutionise lift installation and maintenance here!

Embarking into traction lifts

The H2 controller will mark the anticipated lift-off for Hydroware’s journey into the field of traction lifts. The same quality and engineering that has made the HydroElite a beloved product, will be present and make its mark on Hydroware’s new control and drive system. Enter the TractionElite.

The H2 – one for all

The H2 controller is engineered to run both traction and hydraulic lifts. In stand F70 you will get to experience both the TractionElite H2 and the HydroElite H2. The technology behind the controller enables it to control both types of drive units so when you are familiar with one, you will immediately feel at home with the other. When it comes to lift technology, we believe in One for all.

From the cell phone to the smart phone

Lift installation and maintenance will be brought into the 21st Century. Experience first-hand, the new possibilities brought to light thanks to our 10-inch touch display and interface. The interface will change the game for lift installation and maintenance providing benefits, data and simplifications. The H2 and the 10-inch display will offer a new world of possibilities for lift companies, field engineers and property owners. We believe that the H2 and all the benefits it brings to the table, will be the equivalent of the transition from the cell phone to the smart phone.

Matt, on Liftex

Matt Thompson, Managing Director of Hydroware UK is excited to display both the H2 controller and TractionElite.

The reception for the H2 controller has been great so far. The 10-inch touch display and the connectivity features of the controller really have been an eye-opener for lift companies and fitters alike. To top it off, the excitement level for the TractionElite has been off the charts. I am really looking forward to show off what we have coming at Liftex this October.

Matt Thompson, Managing Director
Matt Thompson