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We are proud to offer you the TractionElite MR and MRL! Hydroware’s highly appreciated solutions are now available not only for hydraulic lifts, but also for traction lifts. We are opening up to send you a quotation with our TractionElite MR and MRL. Please use the quotation and offer form for TractionElite when asking for a quotation. Using the form will speed up the process, giving us all the information we need to send you a complete quotation. When everything is filled out correctly, please send the form to

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Send and email to for a quotation or to place your order.

Quick facts about TractionElite MR & MRL

Simple installation

  • CANopen Lift technology
  • No floor zone sensors needed
  • No limit switches needed
  • Innovative pit box
  • Automated test procedure
  • Simple commissioning
  • SIL3 certified Position Supervisor Unit
  • Decentralized user interface – MRL

10 ” touch display

  • Easy to navigate
  • Language options
  • Instruction movies in display
  • Training sessions simplified
  • Integrated diagnostic tool
  • Real time and historical data
  • Safety circuit overview
  • Full accountability

Stay connected – HydroCloud

  • HydroCloud connection
  • Always updated documentation
  • Remote software updates
  • Remote monitoring
  • Access from anywhere
  • Live internal drawings
  • Better planning of maintenance
  • Constantly evolving IoT
  • Local Wi-Fi enables access from smart devices

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A safe absolute positioning system with UCM and overspeed tripping functions. Activates electrical safety gears and replaces all safety-relevant limit switches and floor sensors.

  • SIL3 compliant and certified according to EN81-20/50 PESSRAL.
Lift controller TractionElite MRL

Decentraliced user interface

With TractionElite H2 MRLs decentralised user interface, the aesthetic impact will be held to a minimum after a modernisation. The decentralised control box, housing the 10-inch touch display and user interface, is placed on a wall outside of the shaft and measures approximately 30×50 cm. The larger control box, including the frequency converter, is placed inside the shaft.

zoomad tractionelite

10-inch touch display and accessibility

The control unit is fitted with a 10-inch high resolution touch display. Among other features, the user will be able to find documentation, schematics, historical data and error logs directly in the display. Furthermore, there are instruction movies and language options available. The lift controller is accessible from any smart device and enables the user to connect to the controller from anywhere in the lift shaft.

A tablet projecting different views of the HMI interface

Surveillance, access and updates with cloud connection

All units come with HydroCloud readiness. Thanks to the HydroCloud connection, the unit can be accessed from anywhere. The unit can be updated remotely, allowing documentation to be up to date to the latest version. The system is open and can be adapted to work with other monitoring systems on the market.

Pit and Car node

Pit and car node

Our new innovative pit node is installed in the shaft pit and is designed to cut down the amount of wires that run from the lift shaft to the motor room. Similarly, the updated car node is smaller and better prepared for a quick and neat installation. Due to even more wires being pre-wired with plugs, the on-site wiring is very fast and basically Plug and Play.

Different models of TractionElite and HydroElite drive and control systems

TractionElite is available in MR and MRL configurations.
HydroElite is available as H2 and V5 – VENI, VIDI, MINI and MRL.

TractionElite H2


Hydroware’s solution for traction lift modernisation, with or without machine room. 

Every benefit that you are used to with Hydroware as a partner, now also for traction lifts.


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HydroElite VENI

Low energy consumption

HydroElite VENI takes full advantage of the unique valve.

The system provides an energy consumption that is up to 50% lower than traditional electronic valves.


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VIDI thumbnail
HydroElite VIDI

Low power output

Significantly reduced power demand and low energy consumption.

HydroElite VIDI is equipped with a current-limiting drive and an air-cooled IE2 motor.



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HydroElite MINI
HydroElite MINI

For small spaces

HydroElite MINI is used where there is not enough space.

Good when there is too little space on the way to or inside the machine room, to be able to use a normal tank size.



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HydroElite MRL
HydroElite MRL

Machine roomless

HydroElite MRL is the machine roomless alternative that is increasingly in demand.

Due to several different aspects, it is better to place control and drive systems outside the shaft.


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Hydraulic cylinder

Cylinders for hydraulic lifts

Hydraulic cylinder from COAM.

We supply all parts for lift installations including hydraulic cylinders. We work with COAM as a supplier.




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Other lift components

Everything from one supplier

One Stop Shop.

One Stop Shop for all the parts needed for a lift installation. For you, only contact with one supplier is needed.


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